Hearing properly is key to normal development, especially speech development, in children. If you suspect your child doesn’t hear well, you can trust the expert pediatricians at Manchester Pediatric Associates. They offer comprehensive hearing testing for babies, children, and teenagers. To schedule a hearing screening or wellness checkup for your child, call the offices in South Windsor, or Tolland, Connecticut, or request an appointment online today.

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What is hearing testing?

Hearing screening at Manchester Pediatric Associates includes various tests that determine if your baby, child, or teen has a hearing impairment. The tests show how well kids hear different types of sounds, allowing the team to refer them for treatment when needed to maximize their quality of life.

Common causes of hearing impairment in kids include fluid buildup in the ears, frequent ear infections, genetic factors, and damage to any part of the ear.

What are the benefits of hearing testing?

The main benefit of hearing testing at Manchester Pediatric Associates is finding out if your child has an impairment that negatively affects their lifestyle, speech, social development, or learning at school. Discovering the issue is the key to getting the proper treatment.

What are the different types of hearing tests?

Common types of hearing tests for babies, kids, and teens include:

For babies

Newborn and infant hearing screenings are simple and painless. Your baby gets to rest or sleep during the screening.

During otoacoustic emissions (OAEs) screening, your provider places a tiny earphone in your baby’s ear to measure sound. They view the results on a monitor.

With auditory brainstem response (ABR) tests, your baby’s doctor places electrodes on their head to record brain wave activity after hearing sounds.

For older children and teens

If you have an older child or teenager, Manchester Pediatric Associates specialists may recommend they undergo pure-tone testing. While wearing earphones, your child raises their hand each time they hear a beeping sound.

What are common treatments for a hearing impairment?

Many types of hearing impairments are treatable with hearing aids, cochlear implants, other types of surgery, or earwax removal. Speech therapy can help your child learn to speak clearly after undergoing treatment for hearing problems.

When should I schedule hearing testing for my child?

Schedule hearing testing for your child if you suspect they have problems hearing well or they don’t speak clearly. Most new babies undergo hearing screenings before they leave the hospital. Many kids complete hearing testing at school and during wellness visits.

Children should participate in hearing screenings every few years, or more often if they have problems hearing sounds that other kids hear easily.

To schedule hearing testing for your baby, child, or teenager, call the Manchester Pediatric Associates office nearest you or request an appointment online today.