The common cold is so common that many people don’t ever seek medical help when they’re dealing with cold symptoms. However, medical management is important because the symptoms can make your child irritable, frustrated, and downright miserable. Manchester Pediatrics Associates in South Windsor, and Tolland, Connecticut, can help accurately diagnose and effectively treat your child’s cold and help relieve their uncomfortable symptoms. Call the team today or request your next visit online.

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What are the symptoms of a common cold in children?

The most common symptoms of the common cold in children include sore throat, cough, nasal congestion, sneezing, and a runny nose. Although not common, it’s possible to have a mild fever with a common cold.

What is the typical duration of the common cold?

Most common colds last anywhere from a few days to a week. If children have been experiencing common cold symptoms for more than a few days, it’s generally best to take your child to see the pediatric team at Manchester Pediatric Associates. What may appear to be a long-lasting common cold may actually be something else and could indicate a more serious condition that requires special treatment. The pediatricians at Manchester Pediatric Associates are very experienced in dealing with the common cold and related illnesses, so they’re able to make a diagnosis and help the child get on the road to wellness quickly.

Does my child have the common cold or the flu?

Many parents aren’t sure whether their child has a common cold or the flu since some of the symptoms are similar. However, these illnesses are actually quite different. A common cold usually has many fewer serious symptoms and usually has a shorter duration than that of the flu. If a child has a common cold, they’re unlikely to have a temperature or may have just a minor temperature. With the flu, a higher temperature is more likely. Additionally, vomiting and nausea are associated with the flu more than with the common cold.

Can a vaccination prevent the common cold?

No, vaccinations can’t prevent the common cold because there are so many different types of viruses that cause colds. A single vaccination can’t guard against so many threats.

What is the treatment for common colds in children?

Rest and getting plenty of water are important in the recovery from the common cold. Your pediatrician may prescribe your child a dose of acetaminophen to help them deal with the discomfort caused by the common cold. If your child has a cough and sore throat, cough syrup or other remedies for the throat may be prescribed. In general, common colds will pass with time, but your pediatrician may have other recommendations to help your child feel better faster.

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